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22,412 duplicate files, 24 gigabytes freed

Based on a recommendation in a web article, I decided to try Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, a free application to scan directories and find duplicate files, in order to clean out my music folders. So I ran it against my external K: drive and discovered that I have 24 gigabytes of duplicate files - including copies of movies like the 5 Frank Capra 'Why We Fight' films - and thousands of MP3 files I've ripped from CDs I own or used to own but got lost after I was evicted.

Looking at the list, there are still more duplicates that it hasn't flagged because of slight differences, e.g. it considers one file different from the other because the date or time are different even though the name and size are basically the same. I like the fact it is relatively conservative in how it makes a decision on what constitutes a duplicate. But just from exact matches, it reported 22,412 duplicate files.

I guess I was very careful about making backups.


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Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverage Ban

The FDA has issued an order to four caffeinated alcohol beverages saying how it claims they are illegal and subject to confiscation.

The FDA reportedly* stated that the use of caffeine in these products keeps people alert and thus violates their right to pass out in a pool of their own vomit, which is what is supposed to happen when you go on a bender or start binge drinking.

* No news reports actually said this, I just made up this half of my article.


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Almost as good as gold

There is a TV advertisement for the Direct TV satellite service, where some supposedly very rich guy with a Russian accent is telling how he likes the good things, choosing but two apparently solid gold busts of himself as to which he likes better.

He mentions, in broken English, as a couple of prototypical "heroin chic" emaciated female model-types are waiting on him, with one of them holding out a silver tray with a pyramid of 6 gold bars with a remote control on top, that when he got the chance to get Direct TV with some months free, he jumped at the chance.

As he says this, he picks up the remote control from on top of the tray of bricks to turn on the TV before putting the remote back on the tray one of the attractive ladies is holding.

These were ordinary looking apparently gold bricks, about the size of pavers (like those regular ones that are made of red clay and used on brick houses), since they were just a little larger than the remote. But here's something that you might not realize: a brick of gold that size is worth, at today's prices, about $400,000 each. Now, I can accept a guy might have the kind of bravado to have a tray with $2.4 million in gold sitting on it in his living room.

What I can't accept is one of these women casually handing a tray with them sitting on it. You see - or you might not - that a brick of gold that size weighs about 30 pounds, so a stack like that would weigh more than that model does. Even if she was using both hands, I doubt she could just casually hand carry a tray with 180 pounds...

One guy who read this asked me why I didn't find the (next scene with the) guy kissing the miniature giraffe strange and was only bothered by the gold bars. Maybe I saw the giraffe as clearly ridiculous, didn't think about it, or was (partially) shocked by the fact I saw this commercial at least 5 or 6 times before I realized she couldn't be lifting a tray of gold bars.


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If it's that powerful, I don't think I would want to use it

If you watch much TV you might see those ads where people's houses are collapsing and falling apart while they stand there. But it's not as a result of pest infestation, it's a result, I think, of the sponsor's product.

It's those ads for Cialis. (Oh great, now my website is blocked by spam blockers! [Actually I had to edit the website filters to allow use of the word]) A man and a woman are together, now the moment is right, and their house begins to disintegrate before our very eyes, as the appliances fall apart, the building turns to dust and the walls fall away. I guess the guy, from using this stuff, has an erection so large that his penis is causing the building to erupt!

So now the happy couple can screw in full view of the public in the rubble as he inflicts his schlong - which was powerful enough to pulverize the building - upon her!

"Cialis, not only will it harden your cock, it'll soften your house too!"
- New Advertising Slogan

And how the hell are they supposed to have sex when they're in separate bathtubs?


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Google Mail: Absolutely Worthless, as is Chrome

People talk about how the new services that Google offers might be dangerous to some of their competitors. Well, I'll tell you right now that as far as I've seen, with the exception of search, Google's stuff is garbage and worthless.

I'm working on a web-based application for a customer that generates pages to print out. This is a multi-page application where after it generates a page it puts in an HTML BR command, along with the instruction to force a page break at that point (<br style="page-break-before:always;"/>). Firefox and Internet Explorer honor the page break; Google Chrome does not. This makes Google Chrome absolutely worthless for use with this application.

While I live in Maryland I'm over in Virginia at my sister's place fixing a problem on her computer, which meant I had to travel all the way over here. So I decided to install VNC on her computer so I can do remote diagnostics over the internet. I'm not sure if I have it on my computer at home so rather than have to find it again I decided to just e-mail the archive files to myself. Only problem is G-Mail will not allow me to mail a zip file that contains an executable file within it. "For Security Reasons". Well, gee, Yahoo! Mail doesn't have that problem; they simply use a scanner to check for viruses. Also, if you try to send a message from a G-Mail account to another e-mail account on a domain where the message is forwarded to another G-Mail account, G-Mail discards the message! And I don't mean dump it into the spam folder, it just plain does not save it.

I get the mail which is sent to forwarded to Yahoo! Mail, Go Daddy, which is my registrar, just takes incoming mail and forwards it to me. Yahoo! Mail doesn't care where it came from and I get all of it (some is correctly moved to spam folder). But my sister has her own domain name too, and if a customer of G-Mail tries to send her a message to an e-mail address, on her domain name, G-Mail takes the message and then discards it.

The fact that I can't use G-Mail to send anything - even a Zip file - with an executable or that you can't use it if the recipient and the sender are both on G-Mail if the message is sent to an intervening domain name makes G-Mail absolutely worthless.

So far it looks like anything Google puts out other than search is garbage.

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