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Some People Still Don't Get It

Note: kbps used in this article are 1024 bits per second, not 1024 bytes.I have no idea how many places try rolling out video content over the Internet where it's clear that they don't know what they are doing, and apparently either have never seen a… more »


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Another one Bites the Dust (or rather, their video bites)

The cable network G4, what used to be Tech TV, supposedly offers videos on their site, presumably of some of their programs so that you can look at them over the Internet.Since I am a programmer, I decided to look at one, a cartoon about programmers… more »


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The New York Times: All the video that doesn't fit

Apparently, the New York Times has not figured out how to deliver video on its web pages. They have some videos by David Pogue, and I tried watching them.Oh, the obligatory 30-second commercial that you see the first time you watch the video works f… more »
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