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Proposition 8

November 1st, 2008
I was adding a point to the Wikipedia article on California's Proposition 8 which prohibits same-sex marriages. I was reading the background article, the 'talk' page where those who edit the article discuss the issues regarding the article and whether s… more »

Better treatment of programmers by Management: An argument from a business perspective

November 24th, 2006
If you're going to get management to understand the reasons for better treatment of programmers, you have to make a business case argument. The simple matter is to argue (in the sense of making a proposal, not in the sense of expressing anger) that it is… more »

Google supports atty fees on copyright owner suit loss

August 12th, 2006
In a PDF of a motion filing, Google is requesting over $11,000 in attorneys fees from Gordon Roy Parker, also known as Ray Gordon, a Philadelphia alleged self-publisher of books, after his claims in a federal lawsuit (prior slashdot article here) arguing… more »

Coin-op Crapola

July 11th, 2006
I have noticed for a lot of games a problem which I refer to as "coin-op crapola," stunts that should have ended when the user paid for the game all at once, and should have been dropped when they no longer had to keep making the game too hard in order t… more »

Copyright Registrar reports extension 'Big Mistake'

February 21st, 2006
P2Pnet has reported that Mary-Beth Peters, the Register of Copyrights spoke in a public hearing saying the extension of copyright was too long. From the article, it is reported she said, "We've certainly lengthened the term [of copyright] ... too long a… more »