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On the fundamental axioms of existience

There is some consideration among skeptics as to what we should "believe," even to the point of not using "belief," as a concept. First, it is axiomatic that I exist. For the simple reason that if I did not exist, this conversation could not exist. In… more »


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Why I think Warren Beatty is not the subject of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain"

Ever since Carly Simon released the song "You're So Vain" there has been controversy over the relatively uncaring man she sings about. Essentially every man with whom, she had a relationship or her ex-husband James Taylor, has been considered as a possib… more »


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American Express Busted over Merchant Practices

I got this in the mail today as my company has a merchant account with American Express:American Express Services Company, Inc.World Financial Center200 Vesey StreetNew York’ NY 10285-4908October 7, 2015 Dear Business Owner or Manager,… more »


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Probably not a good idea

I happened to catch a streaming video of a 1975 TV movie "The Last Survivors," where a cruise ship sinks due to a sudden typhoon, there are 18 people ending up in a lifeboat which can technically only support 8 people. The second purser is appointed in c… more »


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About the recent (30+ year old) accusations against Bill Cosby

I'm not trying to enter "blame the victim" mode here, but why didn't anyone say something about these allegations against Bill Cosby before? Why does it take 30 years or more to finally bring up events that (may have) happened that far back, and might ev… more »

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