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Probably not a good idea


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Probably not a good idea

I happened to catch a streaming video of a 1975 TV movie "The Last Survivors," where a cruise ship sinks due to a sudden typhoon, there are 18 people ending up in a lifeboat which can technically only support 8 people. The second purser is appointed in charge of the lifeboat by the captain who is dying, and the acting captain has to force emergency conditions, such as making passengers in the boat switch places with those in the water on two hour shifts, ration food and water, and in some cases jettison passengers who are either overloading the boat during a storm, or denying food to a passenger that he believes is not going to make it. He even has to shoot one of the crew who is pushing people off the boat to save himself.

Attached to the end of the movie was a retro commercial probably from when the movie was broadcast. It was a commercial for a cruise line.

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